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Casals Forum

Celebrate 30 years of Kronberg Academy with joyous concert experiences at the Casals Forum!

The Casals Forum is open!

The new home of Kronberg Academy

Now in the third decade since it was founded, a home was being built for Kronberg Academy in Kronberg: the Casals Forum – a concert hall with first-class acoustics and state-of-the-art equipment – and an adjoining study and administrative centre. Its construction will enable Kronberg Academy to fulfil the role it occupies in the classical music world with professionalism and creativity for years to come:

An international centre of inspiration for musicians of all generations, a place where values are lived out, experienced and passed on to the next generation, all in the spirit of Pablo Casals, whose passionate struggle for peace and deep love of nature set the standard. His belief was that artists not only have a responsibility to the music, but – as people – also to their fellow humans and to nature.

I have found Kronberg Academy to be a sheltered but very open place full of possibilities, where nothing detracts from the task of working intensively with others on music. The fact that gifted young people can learn from us – and we from them – in those conditions makes Kronberg a very important place in the world of music. How marvellous it would be if this in-depth, forward-looking work with young musicians and young ensembles were soon also able to benefit from suitable study rooms and an impeccable concert hall. In my view, it is also wonderful to think that the concert hall could also be home to outstanding, innovative young orchestras, as they often search in vain for suitable premises on which to carry out inspired, professional work!

Christoph Eschenbachconductor

Kronberg has become a powerhouse for art. The planned study centre linked to a uniquely styled chamber music hall clearly shows how the ‘Kronberg diamond’ has grown. Now an appropriate ‘mount’ is needed so that nothing is broken and it can shine even brighter than before. We must push open the door that leads to the future, to a unique centre for art and humanity. We are grateful to everyone who lends a hand.

Julius BergerCello

To be able to communicate to audiences really well and to speak freely, the artists (not to mention we tutors) need a choice instrument – in this case a building in which this art form can truly flourish! A building like that will be vital for the valuable work that will take place in the future. And a huge gain for us all!

Christian TetzlaffViolin