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Cello Masterclasses



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Never before have you experienced music like this

Welcome to the Kronberg Festival at the new Casals Forum!

To celebrate the opening of the Casals Forum Kronberg Academy is holding the international Kronberg Festival. World-class artists, gifted young musicians and eight orchestras will be performing, exploring the universe of music and giving audiences a first taste of what they can expect in future from our new concert hall, which is ringed by trees and green areas. The experience will be rounded off with public cello masterclasses, exhibitions, panel discussions and the international violin making exhibition VioViva.

Music is life! Let us begin a new journey together in a concert hall that will bring people and communities together, and whose superb acoustics will allow incomparable musical experiences. Come and immerse yourself in the wealth of sounds that classical music has to offer, from the tender and delicate to the powerful and sublime.


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19.45, Casals Forum
26 September

Faust, Kim, Zimmermann, Tamestit, Cho, Thiele, Wagner, Hosford, Wilkie, Neunecker

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22.00, Casals Forum
26 September

Pernoo, Karizna, Kobekina, Philippe, Ducros

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12.00, Casals Forum
03 October

Final concert of the Masterclasses

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Making a move for change

Kronberg Academy has set course for the future. Mindful of the fact we bear responsibility for one another – for music, people and the planet. That a musician, by making music, should bring about change is a principle that Pablo Casals bequeathed to us. And Casals himself demonstrated to us all, through his resolute advocacy for peace and justice, that such change can indeed be achieved.


Cello Masterclasses

Discover the rich culture of cello playing at the Kronberg Festival. Five renowned cellists – Frans Helmerson, Gary Hoffman, Jens Peter Maintz, Jérôme Pernoo and Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt – will teach students from across the globe during the 2022 Festival.

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The secret of Kronberg

Violin making exhibition Vioviva

Where do violins, violas and cellos come from? All over the world! VioViva Kronberg: international violin making exhibition offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of modern instrument making.

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Kronberg is a kind of oasis in the world of music. It is a place of refreshment with ideal conditions for playing music and working. Kronberg Academy is rightly famous the world over and its festival concerts are unique, a fascinating partnership between older and younger artists.

A new, first class chamber music hall would give us wonderful opportunities, an intimate performance venue with its own special atmosphere and outstanding acoustics. An uncompromising concert hall. Kronberg could thus become one of the focal points of musical life.

Sir András SchiffPianist

Every artist and every first-class ensemble also need a physical space that reflects their musical ideas and puts them across ‘correctly’. We musicians would like to have premises like that, a wish that can now become a reality in the planned Casals Forum. To fail to create that physical space would be to miss an opportunity to achieve something quite unique. I will gladly do what I can to make the most of this opportunity. I extend my sincere thanks to anyone who does likewise!

Gidon KremerViolin

Creating a place where musicians can work intensively together and where people can get really close to music sends a signal that cannot be praised highly enough. A good concert hall is also important because it will allow the remarkable young musicians of Kronberg Academy to develop their skills so much better under professional conditions.

Sir Simon RattleConductor

My own experience has shown me that musical ideas also need permanent rooms, a firm physical ‘home base’. For us musicians, it would be a dream come true to have premises that provide an appropriate framework to nurture the dialogue that is the most intimate and thus the most intensive form of musical communication – chamber music. It is therefore with utmost conviction that I lend my support to this idea.

Daniel BarenboimConductor
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